CUSTOMERS IN THE KNOW are always curious about what Hoosier-style cabinets we currently have in the shop. Here's what's in right now! There's always more coming soon if our inventory is on the light side -- Bob keeps busy!

Updated March 7th, 2017

1920 Hoosier Beauty (above) - $1850 - oak, fresh touch-up/topcoat of finish, cream-white painted interior, spice carousel, flour sifter, sugar bin, and quite original fittings. Gorgeous! (click here for more pics)

1925 Sellers Mastercraft Clearfront (above) - $1875 - 48" big-ol-boy, older refinish to golden oak (originally painted), mixed-wood construction (mostly oak framing with mixed birch, maple, and poplar panels), lots of neat features including a lower shelf that pulls itself open with the door... (click here for more pics)

1922 Hoosier Beauty (above) - ON HOLD - $1850 - oak, fresh top-coat of finish, very original, very complete, with spice carousel and original jars, sugar bin, and flour sifter. There's an original furniture company's tag from Plymouth, MA on the bottom! (click here for more pics)

1908 Hoosier Special (above) - $1850 - oak, early fittings, copper hardware, zinc top (click here for more pics)

1933 Hoosier "Suntan Oak" (above) - $895- two-tone, great 30s charm, b/w enamel (click here for more pics)

1930s Marsh Apartment-Size (above) - $250 - "as is" in white paint, narrow, made in N. Carolina, good for tight spaces (click here for more pics)

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