CUSTOMERS IN THE KNOW are always curious about what Hoosier-style cabinets we currently have in the shop. Here's what's in right now! There's always more coming soon if our inventory is on the light side -- Bob keeps busy!

Updated Dec 13th, 2017

1928 Montgomery Wards I-X-L (above) - mixed-wood, finished in medium-red-brown tint, cream and green enamel top, original fittings. Simple and elegant. (click here for more pics)

1917 Sellers (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, many original fittings (replaced knobs), classic looks (click here for more pics)

1923 Hoosier Beauty (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, spice jars and carousel, flour sifter and sugar bin, real purty (click here for more pics)

1925 Napanee (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, quite original fittings and jars, extra-wide at 48" and extra-nice, too! (click here for more pics)

1930s Marsh Apartment-Size (above) - $250 - "as is" in white paint, narrow, made in N. Carolina, good for tight spaces (click here for more pics)


Charlie said...

Is this Hoosier Apartment size still available? Do you ship or have contacts that we might be able to arranged shipping?

--Charley Boyd
Batavia, New York

Jake Wildwood said...

Charley: Please give a call to 860-742-9650 to ask. Thanks!