CUSTOMERS IN THE KNOW are always curious about what Hoosier-style cabinets we currently have in the shop. Here's what's in right now! There's always more coming soon if our inventory is on the light side -- Bob keeps busy!

Updated Dec 13th, 2017

1928 Montgomery Wards I-X-L (above) - mixed-wood, finished in medium-red-brown tint, cream and green enamel top, original fittings. Simple and elegant. (click here for more pics)

1917 Sellers (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, many original fittings (replaced knobs), classic looks (click here for more pics)

1923 Hoosier Beauty (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, spice jars and carousel, flour sifter and sugar bin, real purty (click here for more pics)

1925 Napanee (above) - oak, fresh finish touch-up/topcoat, quite original fittings and jars, extra-wide at 48" and extra-nice, too! (click here for more pics)

1930s Marsh Apartment-Size (above) - $250 - "as is" in white paint, narrow, made in N. Carolina, good for tight spaces (click here for more pics)

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Charlie said...

Is this Hoosier Apartment size still available? Do you ship or have contacts that we might be able to arranged shipping?

--Charley Boyd
Batavia, New York