About Us

THE WILDWOOD FLOWER is a country antiques and gift store located in Rochester, Vermont right in the heart of the Green Mountains! It's owned by Mary and Bob Atwood and run jointly with Bonnie and Jake Wildwood.

WE SPECIALIZE IN HOOSIER CABINETS AND ENAMEL TABLES which are longtime staples for Mary and Bob who also sell under their Hoosier Man name. The Hoosiers are beautifully restored and ready to go! Along with these are tons of vintage and antique kitchen supplies, glassware, and curiosities and a large variety of diverse antiques.

WE ALSO HAVE LOCAL CRAFTS, GOODS, AND ART! We're proud to maintain a good stock of locally-made items and handicrafts as well as a few consignor antique.

VINTAGE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS can also be found here via Jake's Shop! Feel free to pull one off the wall and try it out!

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