Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grand Opening Extravaganza!

Well, folks, we've done a lot of work here at The Wildwood Flower getting the shop upstairs up and ready, and now come Sunday we're enjoying the atmosphere! After a hazy, warm, muggy yesterday (Saturday) we've come into a slightly overcast but boom-town Sunday! Nice to see a lot of different faces passing through our doors and seeing all the results of our efforts!

Mary's red-post eggplant-background, excellent sign now adorns our front porch area... complete with day-lilies and pink somethings, courtesy of Bob.

This weekend was tax-free, and I guess that's pretty good for the folks who stopped by! Somewhere out there a dragon weather-vane is appreciating a new home, as well as lots of other items! It was fun!

Some of our door greeters.

The upstairs was quite a bit of work, but completed we have a bright green willow floor, a moon in the sky, birch trees with a bench under them, and all sorts of critters hanging on the wall.

Another of our "door greeters."

Notice our wonderful mountain vistas!

A wolf chases a bunny across the sign!

New growth near the porch.

And more of our scenic location!

Mary stops to take a little sketch of her surroundings!

And here's some of the upstairs (now open!)

And Bob's "man's corner" with log bed and cowboy hat.

Some of our cozy selection!

A new round table!

Even the man in the moon came out for the show! HOT TAMALE!

Our arrangements include a childrens' pen and mini Hoosier cabinet!

Some of Bonnie's gift-ware!

And lovely French doors showing into the "Victorian Room."

Oh! Sir, may I buy a hat? Look at it all!

Elegant dressers, cradles...

...and more...!

Downstairs has changed as well...

A selection of our store-made post-cards (made from images in an old French encyclopedia).


And a newly finished, fancy enamel table with maple body, legs, and 4 chairs... yum.

And a newly finished Hoosier Beauty!

A Virginian stove.

The "hot spot" right in the front "lounge."


That's it for now. We're gonna get ready to pack up the store for the day... see you around! It was a wonderful grand opening and we're so very much happy to be here in Vermont! Thanks to everyone who turned out, and come back soon! Our stock changes all the time!

~ Mary, Bob, Bonnie, Jake

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Sarah K said...

your store is a dream, completely breathtaking and fancy-free, at once. a job absolutely well-done.. incredible. i can't use enough adjectives, i suppose. i am truly elated for you both, and your family! what lovely things you have, and im so happy to see your dreamhouse come to life! happy opening!! xoxo