Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new items to share!

Hello folks! It's been sometime since we updated this little blog. The shop has been quite busy this summer, and the blog has suffered the consequences. But we intend to be updating much more regularly with new items and exciting events happening here at the store as they happen.

Today I'd like to share with you just a few new handmade items that have come our way.

First off, we now have these beautiful photographic cards by Heather D'Amore and Mike Wagner of scenes from Rochester:

We also have some very sweet flower jewelry and accessories by Sweet Avenue. These are her flower earrings made from resin.

And Fuzzy Bunny has just restocked us with some of her delightful handmade soap and lip balms. We have a variety of scents such as lemongrass sage, yuzu, rosemary mint, lettuce, and fir!

I've also been making some new items, including these heat resistant oven mitts in floral designs:

And lastly, we are now carrying bayberry candles in a variety of shapes and sizes that are a perfect gift for the holiday season. The old tradition says a bayberry candle burned at the New Year will bring you health and wealth in the year to follow!

We'll be writing more soon!

Best wishes for the day!

-Bonnie Wildwood

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