Friday, July 8, 2011

Some of Our Enamel Table Selection

Here's an unsigned Mochi black & white table with four chairs. The top is in very good condition and has a leaf that pulls out the long way to seat 8 (or at least 6).

The design is a stylized wheat-like/fern-like/candy-cane-like motif.

It has a good sturdy base and silverware drawer.

This is a maple-based table with 6 heavy-duty maple chairs and a faux-wood-grain top. These were very popular in the '40s and early '50s.

Base and chairs have been refinished at some point. Note the silverware drawer.

This is a pretty green, marbleized drop-leaf enamel table with maple base in original natural/green-sprayed highlight finish.

The top is in great shape.

It's a nice-sized table for anywhere and seats 4 very comfortably. The open base gives plenty of room for the legs. Check out the nice green touches on the legs and silverware drawer front.

These oak chairs don't come with it, but it was too tempting to take a photo of the nice design on the top rail.

This nice table was designed by Montanari and has a very detailed beige top.

Here's some of the design from the leaf (which is the same as the regular top).

Big, impressive, sturdy base with lots of detailing.

Here's another Mochi table in a paisley design with faux-woodgrain top and red edges.

With cool base!

This is a simple Sellers-made brown/tan table with two smaller leaves that pull out to fit 4 nicely. The four chairs match it decently but were actually made by Hoosier.

Silverware drawer.

This is a really sweet Mochi-designed table with a "dancing goats" motif. It's called "Wine Harvest" from the catalogs and is one of the most popular tables from 1935.

Here's one of the corners from the leaf with really great jumping goat!

Accordion player, kids and folks sitting around, dancers, what's not to love?

Simple, brown-ish painted base. It's oak and probably had the green highlights/medium finish like on the other green table mentioned earlier. This one has two leaves and with the open base it can very comfortably seat 4 (or even a little more squeezed in).

This is a kitchen work table with 2 drawers and a breadboard. It's in worn/well-used condition but has a great almost faux-Asian geometric design.

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