Monday, May 5, 2014

Sun Rays & May Days

It's been a while since our last post but the warmer weather is finally here. It's been an extremely long, painful winter -- so it feels good!

Here are some pictures of new arrivals: first off is this 1928 Hoosier Beauty in painted white with brass hardware and rare red-trim enameled work surface. It's pretty eye-catching.

It's got original glass panes up top and cool shelving inside.

Here you can see how the red trim really sits nicely with the brass hardware over the white.


This guy is a 1924 Hoosier Beauty that's been refinished in a golden oak color. The interior is cream and it has a black-edged enamel top work surface.

It's got some original door charts and fun tin shelves.

It's got original Hoosier hardware.

The 1927 Hoosier Beauty that's been here for just a little bit now has a creamy-white painted interior with a "periwinkle blue" edge on the enameled top.

This is so refreshing compared to the vaguely army-green that this sported before...

This aster-motif table also has the rare "periwinkle blue" secondary color. Really fun.

...or maybe you like red and white with sporty red chairs?

Here's the detail of the top motif.

...and if you're just looking for a surface to cook on, how about a Canadian-made baking table with a red and white top?

As always, there's tons of enamel-top and other tables in the shop.

So, HAPPY SPRING! -- and see you soon!

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