Sunday, January 22, 2017

1922 Hoosier Beauty Cabinet

This Hoosier Beauty from 1922 is astounding original and comes with a full complement of spice jars (with, at the moment, their old spices still in them) and salt/coffee/tea containers. The only replacement parts are the door charts (though the remains of the center one are still extant).

When Bob (the Hoosier Man) received this Hoosier, its original finish was quite grimy and so he lightly sanded and then top-coated with new varnish. The result is gorgeous and authentic. It glows!

All the hardware is original, it has two lidded drawers in the base, a pull-out sugar bin and top-load flour sifter, and side-rolling doors.

Wonderful, right?

The base has two pull-out shelves.


Unknown said...

Love it! Are you selling? I'm in NC

Unknown said...

I have a very similar 1922 Beauty. Condition is good.

Unknown said...

Hi - I have this exact cabinet. Years ago my MIL was having it checked out it came back without the name plate. I was wondering if you may have a replacement similar to this one or a lead on where I could find one. Original or replica. Thank you!

Judith said...

Hi, the Hoosier cabinet is lovely. I lucked into a beautiful and well maintained 1922 Beauty a couple years ago in a thrift store, and now have acquired a 1910 Sears Kit home to house it!

Carrie, I found replacement spice jars for my Hoosier at Kennedy Hardware. They also have a variety of labels. Here's a link to the labels: .. There are other sites you can find if you search something like "Hoosier parts", but I had a good experience with Kennedy and will probably use them again if I need other things.


Unknown said...

I have this exact cabinet. I want to know how to restore the flour/sugar bins to be food safe. They function mechanically but have light rust. I also have read that some of these bins were soldered with lead, is this true with this model?

Meg said...

I have been trying to identify which Hoosier we have. Yours is beautiful!! Ours appears to be the same! I have been debating on selling it or keeping it. The only thing is I don’t know what I would use it for. We no longer have the sugar canister… Makes me regret using it as a robot head when I was little.... however, it still has several original pieces

Nancy Kimberlin said...

I'm looking to buy a cabinet like this